About the VegShed

The VegShed started out as a post and beam greenhouse built in the basement of our house during the winter months, beam by beam, then disassembled and moved to our Stockbridge location in 2015.   While the original Veg Shed  pales in comparison to our other larger greenhouses  it still is one of our favorite places to Veg out.



What the people say?

I am 20 years old and I was diagnosed with Lyme disease last year.  For the last couple years I have suffered with joint pain and extreme fatigue.  I started using the Vegshed extract oil and my joint pain is no more.  I take before bed and I have noticed my fatigue is gone.  I have tried other CBD oils and the taste of the Vegshed’s is by far the best.    Thank you Vegshed.    Sydney


I am 60 years old and have been active skiing, golfing, water skiing and playing tennis my entire life.  Aches an pains have built up over the years and I started taking the Veg Shed’s CBD oil to relieve the joint stiffness.  The CBD oil has helped with stiffness but to my surprise, it has also improved my disposition.  I am relaxed and more cheerful than I have been in years.

Thanks Veg Shed.